Sylvie Charlotte

Because distance was grand and life plans were not aligned well, 8 years blew by since I had seen my best friend from college. The minute I saw her, no time had gone by at all. We all know those rare friendships. Life changes but the connection doesn’t. I finally got to meet her genuine and conversational husband, Dylan and their incredibly beautiful, soulful, and sweet daughter Sylvia (Sylvie). Her giant eyes matched her mother’s and her sweet and calm disposition fit right into the comfortable sunny apartment they share in Northern Chicago. I was welcomed from an early flight with the two of them making a gorgeous, Jewish-inspired breakfast while Sylvie slept soundly in her nursery. We caught up over the past 8 years as we sipped coffee and tried to keep ourselves on track. When it’s been that long, you tend to have 4 conversations at once while trying to come back to the core of each one: asking one another about our families, mutual friends and current lives. Rachel always has been a luminous spirit in my life, and continues to be. I am so grateful for this opportunity to have captured this point in time in their lives, and to spend an unforgettable day in their company. We vow never to let that kinda time pass between us again.