Van Orion Mapp

Meeting your childhood best friend’s baby truly is one of the greatest highlights of living this life. Lindsay and I haven’t lived within a thousand mile radius of one another since high school, so it’s very special that we can spend weekends together, living on the West Coast. It was so special to spend time with Lindsay, Conrad and their beautiful 6 week old son, Van, catching up over California sunsets and taking long refreshing walks in Santa Cruz. It truly is a perfect place for them to settle down and start their family together. I was lucky to witness Conrad feeding Van his very first bottle, join him on is longest walk yet (7 miles), and eat amazing local Mexican food on his very first picnic. Taking photos of Lindsay in a field of wildflowers along the ocean as she breastfed and nurtured this little creature made my heart burst with joy. She is such a vibrant, sweet, and natural mom already. I also didn’t realize how much a young infant can resemble an adult parent until I saw Conrad and Van staring at each other like mirror images. I am beyond excited to continue documenting these wonderful moments as the years go by. This is just the beginning!