Phil gets Shanghaied :: Documentary Family

My friend Chelsey had the idea to surprise her husband (Loren) while he was away on a trip. He had wanted updated photos of his family, so this was the perfect opportunity. Luckily, I was available and made a trip to beautiful Astoria, set along the majestic Columbia River near the Oregon Coastline.

I drove up and spent the day with her, their 7-month-old son Phil (who is constantly amazed by the world), and their sweet, talented, and personable 11 year old daughter Dylan.

Chelsey's husband is a well-known tattoo artist in town, and he and his business partner currently run a clean and classic parlor called Shanghaied Tattoo. It started with my boyfriend joking around about taking their baby to the parlor to "get a tattoo," which soon turned into a goofy plan. It gave us something fun to do on a sleepy, cloudy Sunday and would make for some memorable images of the family business once this tiny baby grows up quickly.

When we arrived, Phil took a huge poop in his diaper, and Loren's business partner (Chris) gave Phil his honest thoughts. "Man, I can't believe we are friends." I appreciated the gallery wall of Loren's artwork above the leather couch in the entrance, so we propped Phil up on the couch while he flopped around like a pancake in a pan. Mom hid behind the couch incase he decided to take a head dive. 

Finally, Chelsey applied one of the shop's fake tattoos to Phil's arm, which made him briefly upset. Nothing the boob couldn't fix. Then it was time for Chris to get the sketchy baby tattoo stage rigged up. He made the gun look suspicious by binding it with several rubber bands (something he said Loren would appreciate). We placed Phil in the big chair and he "got his tattoo" .. but really chewed on the arm of the chair, stared at the gun, and smiled at all of us while we made goofy faces. I think he really enjoyed it.

As we were leaving, Chris suggested the family pose as most customers do once they get Shanghaied: the shop in the background, Chris last minute photo-bombing. It was all smiles until Phil bit down on his big sister's finger at the last second, which tied it all together perfectly.