Ona Greenberg :: Artist Portraits

Ona and I met at a neighborhood bar on a cold, rainy night in SE Portland two years ago. We spoke about what we do, in terms of what we truly enjoy doing. Ona is a painter, tattooer and comic artist. Although I haven’t seen her since we met, we have followed each other’s work on Instagram and it has been awe-inspiring to observe how much she has progressed already.

Two years later, Ona and I meet for coffee in her apartment. The early Autumn sunrise washes a gold bath of light through the windows, illuminating her artwork on the wall — mostly of which are paintings of her friends. She explains that identify is a common theme with these pieces.

Ona is currently working towards her legal credentials to tattoo in Oregon. She is working hard to learn, evolve, and further define herself as a unique artist in Portland. She is genuine and sweet but won’t take no shit. Definitely take a moment to check her out:

Website: onagreenberg.com

Instagram: missngnmbr