photo by Lauren LaBarre

photo by Lauren LaBarre

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Ever since I was small, I have been enamored with the world of photography. I would stare at National Geographic images for hours and travel across the world with my imagination. These early experiences would later manifest into real-life endeavors and my personal evolution as an adult. When I moved to Italy in my mid-twenties, taking pictures developed into a serious form of self-expression and exploration that would forever become a part of my daily life. Photography to me is a similar experience to reading or writing. I gain perspective and develop a wider scope of the world with each experience.

Photographing people is one of my strengths, simply because I am fascinated by them. Mastering the portrait of an individual is a challenging, yet highly rewarding experience to achieve. I lead each interaction as my true self and try my best to relax and trust the flow. This approach helps my subjects ease further into themselves and reciprocate that trust. I like to remind myself, and my subjects, that while it can feel a bit strange to be photographed sometimes, we are documenting a moment in our history together— a story that will long outlive us.

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